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  • One dessert recipe 


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Chef Maya-Camille Broussard

Chicago-based baker Maya-Camille Broussard is the owner of Justice of the Pies, a bakery that specializes in sweet and savory pies, quiches and tarts. She created the company in 2014 in memory of her late father, Stephen J. Broussard. Steve was a criminal defense attorney with a deep love for anything made in a crust. Justice of the Pies was created to celebrate his love for pies and to honor his belief that people deserve second chances.

As a philanthropist, Broussard formed the I KNEAD LOVE Workshop, a culinary enrichment program designed to contribute to the fight in food insecurities for youths in grades 5th-8th, residing in lower-income communities that may not have access to healthy food options. Students learn valuable kitchen skills, how to tap into creativity, and the importance of nutrition. A graduate of Howard University and Northwestern University, Broussard also partners with the Cabrini Green Legal Aid for it’s yearly pie-drive to raise money for the organization, which provides free legal services for families living in poverty.

  • Six months of weekly step-by-step culinary tutorials.
  • Detailed grocery, pantry and supply lists for each video tutorial will be sent to your inbox each week. 
  • Watch videos anytime, at any pace. 
  • Exclusive members-only Facebook group.
  • Support to answer any questions that you may have as you navigate the culinary tutorials. 

26 videos will be shared over the course of the next six months. Each video contains three recipes: one for a cocktail, one for an entree, and one for a dessert. 

You may watch any of the videos during any time and at your own pace. 

There is no deadline. However, we recommend that you join before June 1, 2020 to participate in the culinary tutorials as we release them. 

In doing so, you can engage with your community for the entire six months. 

There are two easy ways to join. 

A one-time payment of $400 (about $15 per class)


A payment plan with three monthly installments of $175 (about $20 per class)


Many of our recipes do allow for some dairy, meat, and gluten substitutions.  

Many of our recipes will allow for vegetarian and vegan substitutions. 

Yes! A Justice for All Membership is the perfect gift to give. 

Most recipes yield meals for two or more individuals. Weekly emails will indicate the serving sizes for upcoming tutorials. 

Each recipe yields one cocktail. 




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